Support Clare Parker Homes

Clare Parker Homes receives core funding from the Government of Saskatchewan. The support provided by our funding partner covers the basic needs for the people recieving support services, however at Clare Parker we are striving to provide the highest quality care, facilities and activities that ensure residents enjoy a premier quality life.

One of the challenges Clare Parker is currently facing is to provide for the needs of some of our longer term and ageing population. We are proud that many of our folks have been with us for many years, some for twenty years and longer, and that they are now entering their golden years. This longevity however, is putting pressure on our facilities as we continue to update homes with lifts and handicap accessible bathrooms and other facilities.

For these items and to provide for our residents other needs such as transportation, medical equipment and quality of life activities Clare Parker accepts donations from individuals, organizations and the business community.

Use the CanadaHelps form below to make a secure online donation!