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Clare Parker Homes Inc. is non-profit charitable agency providing person centred supports to adults with intellectual disabilities with their own community through a various services. Currently, Clare Parker Homes provides home support to 21 people in the Regina Community to live in their own homes and 6 people in the Community Inclusion Day time services. 

Since January 1977, Clare Parker Homes Inc. has provided high quality care to adults with intellectual disabilities. Our first home supported 6 women in the community. Most of these women continue to live in the home to this day. It was given the name Clare Parker House in memory of the first Director of the Capital Cosmo Centre. The support for the home and day time support services is funded through donations and a grant from the Saskatchewan Provincial Government.  

Clare Parker Homes amalgamated with a Catholic faith based agency in the Regina Community in 2009. The amalgamation brought 12 additional people in two home support programs.  Clare Parker Homes grew from 6 people to 18 people overnight.  Committed to our Mission of supporting people with intellectual disabilities in the community, Clare Parker Homes expanded their services to an additional 4 people in late 2010 when an another home was purchased. 

We have seen much growth in in our agency since 2009. Using the Gentle Teaching Philosophy as model of support, Clare Parker has been able to remain true to our Mission, Vision and Principles

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CPH Leadership Team                          


Rosa Smith, Executive Director   

Rosa has served as Clare Parker Homes' Executive Director for the past several years. She holds a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) from the University of Regina. Much of her background includes: behavioural assessment; crisis support;  and service development for experiencing disability and have had difficulty accessing services in the community.

For over 20 years, Rosa has supported, advocated and developed services for individuals and their families in the disability sector. Prior to her current role at CPH, she worked for different non-profits in Saskatchewan and Alberta, as well as, a decade at CLSD, serving in different capacities.

For eight years, Rosa was a member of the Cognitive Disability Strategy Committee. She is an accredited trainer in Person Centred Thinking through the Learning Community for Person Centred Practices (TLCPCP).


Jennifer (Jennie) Birns, Associate Executive Director 


Jennie has been with Clare Parker since January 2019 as our Associate Executive Director. Her education includes certification in Continuing Care, Personal Care Home Operation, and in Grant Writing and Proposal.

Jennie brings to CPH a wealth of management experience including five years as a previous Executive Director of a non-profit day home for adults with varying abilities. She has also worked in long term care as a Direct Support Worker, Program Coordinator and Manager. Jennie was the Fundraising Committee Chairpoerson for a local charity; a former REALM network member; and employed as a Case Manager/Submission Writer for a private firm that appealed CPP Disability cases.

"I have dedicated a great portion of my life to the pursuit of equality and barrier-free communities. I am an advocate who pushes boundaries and questions limits to ensure that everyone, in every situation, has access to a safe, loving and respectful environment. I've had the opportunity to experience both sides of the support industry, having family members with complex needs who require full time support, as well, providing support to those who require it. I will continue to advocate for and firmly believe in Person Centeredness and fully embrace the philosphy and mandate of Clare Parker Homes."

Chasity Mohr, Home Support Coordinator  


Chasity joined the CPH family as a Home Support Coordinator in 2014.

Her previous front-line work experience with different local agencies helped increase her understanding and commitment to the people we serve, and in the community which we live.

Chasity's natural calm and gentle demeanor enables her to be a successful Home Support Coordinator whom others look up to for guidance and support. She advises and supports the CPH teams and house residents, as well, the individuals we serve who reside independently in the community.

Chasity coordinates CPH's Enhance Supported Independent Living Program (SILP). She chairs our OH&S committees, and is a certified Mental Health First Aid basic trainer. 

A committed mother to three daughters and two fur baby.  She loves to spend her free time out about in the community, camping in the great outdoors and hitting the gym. 

"The best things in life are not things!" is Chasity's living motto. 

Josephine Elendu, Home Support Coordinator


Josephine secured her first summer job with Clare Parker as a Direct Support Worker while attending the University of Regina.

It was one social work class in particular, that transformed Josephine's understanding and sparked her interest to support people living with disabilities. During this class studies, Josephine received the knowledge that everyone lives with some form of disability or another. 

Upon graduating from the University of Regina with a Bachelor of Social Work (BSW) degree in 2014, Josephine accepted the position as a CPH Home Support Coordinator. Since working with the individuals and management of Clare Parker Homes, her passion is to help those with diverse strengths and abilities, explore and maximize the potentials in their life.

"I take great pleasure in putting smiles on people's faces through connecting them to the limitless hopes and possibilities in our world," Josephine says.




Shyra Missens, Home Support Coordinator


Growing up in Moose Jaw,SK and being taught respect and kindness to all through my Cree Culture has gave me a better understanding of Physical, Mental, Emotional and Spiritual Health through all walks of life. 

Shyra has been a Committed Clare Parker Homes Inc employee since January 2011. Having obtained a Certificate in "Rehabilitation Care Worker Program" from Sask Polytech Kelsey Campus AKA Disability Support Worker Certificate in June 2007 has brought me great experience on the front line from various Group Home and Day Program settings in Lloydminster and Moose Jaw, SK, until finding my home within CPH. The growth, support and belief from Clare Parker Homes Inc philosophy gained me much experience to become a Home Support Coordinator in August 2019. Being a certified MANDT Instructor for the Agency allows our Teams to grow and learn to become leaders and flourish Healthy Relationships.

"Realize that we as human beings have been put on this Earth for only a short time and that we must use this time to gain wisdom, knowledge,respect and the understanding for all Human Beings since we are all relatives"

- Cree Proverb



Michael Anderson - Quiring, Supported Employment Community Inclusion Coordinator



Michael Anderson-Quiring is the Supported Employment Community Inclusion Coordinator and has worked in the non-profit sector for the past 12 years. From casual to full-time front-line work, Michael discovered his passion and by turning this line of work into his career, has managed group homes for the past eight years.

Michael is always looking for ways to improve his education and understanding of our individuals at CPH. He believes that if we assist them with their needs and goals, it will help them to enjoy a quality of life that we all deserve.





Anthony (Tony) Kwan, Community Relations Coordinator



Born and raised in small-town Saskatchewan, Tony Kwan spent a decade studying and working abroad. Upon his return to Canada, he had his first opportunity to support people with disabilities, and found this to be a rewarding profession.

As the Community Relations Coordinator, Tony estbalishes and maintains our relationships with past, present and future partners , administers our social media presence and ensures the agency is well connected within our community. Tony is also CPH's mentor for person-centered approach to supporting people in a culture of gentleness.

"I've made so many relationships with phenomenal people and learned so much, not only about others, but about myself," Anthony admits. 




Cindy O'Connor, Executive Assistant/Office Manager 



With over 40 years of work experience in a variety of businesses and non-profit organizations, Cindy has worked for Clare Parker Homes for the past five years. As CPH's DIrector of First Impressions, she multi-tasks in several administrative areas to keep our agency running smoothly.

Cindy oversees financial maintenace, reviewing CPH's accounts receivable and expenditures. She prepares and processes biweekly payroll, completes banking transacations, ensures funds are transferred into approriate accounts, and assists with audit preparations. In addition, Cindy manages employees' vacation and sick leave bank, staff benefits and pension enrollments, and all employee additions and changes.






Lisa Dennis - Community Inclusion Support Leader

My name is Lisa Dennis. I have been employed with Clare Parker for about 3 years. I have an extensive background in providing care to persons with cognitive, physical and developmental barriers. I am passionate in working with persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities in order to empower and support them in living as independently as they are cognitively able. Ensuring the health, safety and dignity of our individuals through compassion, and best practice are my guiding principles.

I am grateful to have been given the Community Inclusion Leader position, as it enables me to use my clinical skills, experience and passion in fulling the needs of this program, while caring for our individuals and promoting a holistic quality of life.

Community inclusion is a fundamental component of care planning for our individuals as all people, regardless of their abilities, require to be able to participate and engage in a full range of community activities. The implementation of the Community Inclusion Program is necessary in order to empower persons with intellectual and developmental disabilities, to live as independently as possible and to have the opportunity to have a holistic lifestyle encompassing of; experience, social connection, development of a support individual system, as entertainment, activities they are passionate about, and the ability to develop and learn additional competencies, as care planned for in their PCP goals.

People with different backgrounds, abilities, and interests bring something unique which may contribute to the richness of society. True inclusion is the premier way to accomplish richness and connectiveness in our residents lives.


CPH Senior Home Support Leaders

Oz, Greenbrook House


Owuze "Oz" Ahubele is the Senior Home Support Leader for Greenbrook House. Having been with CPH since October 2017, Oz is also a certified Professional Assault Response Trainer (P.A.R.T) for the agency. He prides himself on his ability to learn new skills and adapt to changing situations, as well, being able to provide the support and structure our individuals need.

Outside of the work place, Oz commits to learning through research and reading. One might also find him watching a movie, or taking a walk - any place that has beautiful scenery. A lover of the outdoors, Oz enjoys taking time to visit the different parks around Saskatchewan, and taking hikes.




Bridget, Green Water House


Bridget Taylor is currently the Senior Home Support Leader at the recently opened Green Water House. She has worked with Clare Parker Homes for the past six years. 

In 2012 upon Bridget's initial employment with CPH, she started at McGuigan House as an Assistant Home Support Leader.






Rahab, Kramer House

A Senior Home Support Leader at Kramer House, Rahab Bwanka supports six adults with diverse needs. Responsible for their overall well-being, including scheduling and taking them to medical appointments, Rahab works as a liaison with social workers, parents and a team of 10 support workers.

Rahab's original homeland is Rwanda. She lived in the USA for 20 years, and while there, worked as a RN for seven years, mostly in the area of Home Care. Married, with two sons, and grandchildren, Rahab has worked at CPH since 2013. 

Rahab describes choosing her career path, "The same way I chose Nursing. It is a rewarding career and I find joy in helping people in general and in my current field of supporting individuals with disabilities. I love to help them with some of the daily challenges that life throws their way, be it in their work environments, and even with family. It is a job that doesn't feel like one. I enjoy coming to work with the individuals I support and interacting with them.  Do unto others as I would like done unto me or my loved ones," is the philosophy which Rahab lives by.



Carolyn, McGuigan House

Carolyn McIntyre has been with CPH for the past eight years. She loves her work in supporting four ladies as the Senior Home Support Leader for McGuigan House.

Friendly and family-minded, Carolyn states, "I am passionate about my work and love to see the ladies healthy, happy, and living life to the fullest. They are truly a part of my family. I am grateful to be part of this fabulous agency and look forward to CPH's future."

Besides her CPH family, Carolyn is married, with four children and blessed to have six grandchildren, as well as a furry friend named Tia.  Carolyn also enjoys all sports, both as a fan and participant. 



Pimohse, Mentor


Shawna “Pimohse” Oochoo has been with Clare Parker Homes since 2019. Currently, she is the currently supppporting the ageincuy through mentorship and pursuing Gentle Teaching Mentor certification.

Pimohse had supported in residential settings for approximately 10 years and developed into a strong, caring and knowledgeable support leader where she prides herself on assisting individuals to achieve their personal goals and accomplish living their greatest quality of life.

Pimohse lives and leads by the motto: “The key to success is to focus on the goal while having the patience to achieve it.”



Kim, Clare Parker House


My name is Kim Vaskor, I’ve been employed with Clare Parker Homes for almost 7 years now, 6 of them as a DSW. I have my Teacher Assistant Certificate and 2 classes short of the Youth Care Diploma. I worked for the Regina Public School Board for 17 years. I have a variety of experience from working with at risk youth, behaviour challenges, vocational programs, Deaf and hard of hearing, and Pre K to grade 8. As a single parent of 3 children, I needed a second job during the summer months. In the late spring of 2013, I applied as a casual DSW with Clare Parker. I got on as a casual at Clare Parker Home, where I’ve remained part time for 6 years, casually picking up at other homes, McGuigan, Kramer and Mountbatten when I could. In July of 2019, the SHSL came open at Clare Parker House,I applied as I knew that’s where my heart belonged and I needed a change from schools, my time had come to an end there and I was ready for a change. August 4, 2020 will be a year I’ve been in my new role as SHSL and I love it, it’s been a great year of learning, growing and 2 really great transitions.





Joyce, Trinity House


Joyce Illah is the Senior Home Support Leader for Trinity house. I joined CPH in 2016 as a casual support and became full time in 2017. I then assumed the role of Assistant Home Support leader in 2018 until my recent promotion within Trinity House.  Prior to joining CPH, I worked with a non- governmental organization in Nigeria for over 11 years as a public health advocate for vulnerable groups where I managed various programs before moving to Canada. I had my first experience supporting people with disability with the office of students with disability at McGill University while studying.  







Alexis is the newest member of our Leadership Team, joining in June 2020. Alexis has previously studied Social Work at the University of Regina, which provided her with a solid understanding of social justice, with particular attention paid to marginalized members of society and the barriers they face. Alexis has successfully completed courses pertaining to Human Justice, client care, counselling and addictions. In addition to her education, Alexis has many years experience as an Intensive Case Manager, providing support within the homeless community to assist with the transition into stable long term housing with support.  She has previous experience in income assistance and supporting vulnerable populations.  Alexis strongly believes in building and maintainng strong, solid relationships and foundations with all people and encouraging continuous growth with a "hand up", and not a "hand out."





Brenda, Garritty House


Hi, my name is Brenda Schrader I have worked for Clare Parker Homes since 2013. I started as support worker at Garritty. Working my way up, and in 2019, I became the Senior Home Support Lead for Garritty. 

I have been supporting people with diverse needs for almost 25 years. In the 25 years, I believe I have learned more lessons from the people I have supported then I have taught them.





Amanda, Mountbatten House


My name is Amanda Korol. I started out my career in human services as a care aid where I worked for several years assisting individuals to live independently in their own homes. Eventually I took some education training related to nursing before discovering Clare Parker Homes where I truly discovered my passion for supporting individuals with Intellectual disabilities to live their best, independent lives possible. I love Clare Parker for they have allowed me to grow so much in a short period of time within the Agency, I’ve been able to meet so many wonderful people who share the same values that I do and make many friendships with the individuals throughout the agency that I’ve had the pleasure to learn from. I enjoy learning and growing as much as I can and really appreciate the extra trainings I’ve received through Clare Parker as they’ve helped my knowledge base grow and I believe have helped me improves my skills with which to support my individuals in the best way possible.

In my downtime I enjoy going for hikes, bike rides with my dogs and partner Victor, reading and being creative where I can be. I am a bonus mom to two beautiful little girls named Harper and Gracelynn; I am currently pregnant with our third baby - a boy! He is going to make his grand entrance at the end of August, and we are over the moon. 


Jimmy, Athol House

My name is Jimmy. I was born in Hong Kong, and I immigrated with my family to Canada when I was two years old. I lived in Regina for most of my life. I graduated from the University of Regina with a BA (Hons.) in Philosophy. After my convocation I had the choice to pursue graduate studies or enter the non-profit sector as a support worker. I chose the latter because I was interested in supporting people with intellectual challenges. I ended up spending close to a decade working with people with special needs in the non-profit sector. During my time as a support worker, I gained valuable knowledge of the individuals I supported in all areas of their lives, with a specific focus on clinical support for people with special needs. After a brief hiatus, working in the oil and gas pipeline industry, I found Clare Parker Homes Inc. to be a good fit for my skill set and previous experience. In October of 2020, I joined the Community Inclusion Program. I was able to reconnect with people I supported in the past, along with getting to know, and support, the unique participants of the Community Inclusion Program. I accepted the new role of Senior Home Support Leader for Athol House shortly after the new year. With the new year came a new opportunity to broaden my skill set in this field. In a short time I was able to rediscover the passion I had for serving people with special needs.



Adima, EL's Team


I  am the Senior Home Support Leader for SILP wherein I support one individual living by herself downstairs of the Garrity House. I have been with CPH for the past 2 years. I have enjoyed being a part of the CPH family and thankful for the opportunity to grow. I was born in Sierra Leone but moved to Canada as a teenager and a refugee with my family in 1999 when they had the Civil War going on back there. I witnessed a lot of things good, bad and ugly growing up during the civil war there and that has led me to not take life for granted, treating everyone with kindness, respect and love all while showing some empathy. In 2008, I completed my four year journey at the University of Manitoba and graduated with a B.A majoring in Psychology and minoring in Anthropology. I have over 10 years of experience working with people with developmental, intellectual and physical disabilities in both Winnipeg and Regina. I look forward to coming to work daily as it gives me a special feeling of satisfaction making sure everyone is ok and putting smiles on their faces.