CPP & SP Policy

Comprehensive Personal Planning and Support Policy (CPP&SP) establishes provincial wide policies that guide:

  • Community Living Service Delivery (CLSD) staff,
  • Community-Based Organization staff,
  • Approved Private Service Home Proprietors, 
  • And individual service providers. 

In the provision of effective and ethical supports to individuals with intellectual disabilities in Saskatchewan.

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CPP&SP Booklet in Plain Language

Supported Decision Making

Community Living Services Delivery (CLSD), a branch of the Ministry of Social Services, provides CPH consultation and supports in several areas:

  • Develops and recommends policies for the personal welfare of the people receiving our services.
  • CPH policies are in accordance with CLSD's policies for CPP&SP, PAP-R, and RPP.
  • Social work services are available from the social worker assigned to the people receiving our services.
  • Financial consultation and budget allocations.

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