What We Do


Clare Parker Homes Inc. provides high quality supported living options for individuals with intellectual disabilities; to live interdependently as a family, in a mutually respectful and caring environment within their community.


People with intellectual disability realize their full potential and dreams as vibrant members of society living in a quality home environment. 


The 5 guiding principles under which the mission is carried out by the Board and staff of Clare Parker Homes Inc. includes the following:

  1. Every person has unique and shared intellectual, spiritual, social and physical needs.
  2.  All actions taken are to reflect the equal worth of all people and convey respect for the value and gifts of each person.
  3. An enriched environment will be maintained in which optimal learning and growth will be encouraged and supported through a choice of opportunities consistent with those experienced in community.
  4. A person-centred approach that will best fulfil the individual's goals and realize their full potential.
  5. A commitment to always portray a positive presence in community. 


Our agency now has seven homes that support people to achieve their goals and dreams. We believe supporting all people to be interdependent; promotes, exemplifies and models a truly inclusive community where all are welcomed in a safe and loving atmosphere.

CPH now offers a tailor-made day for people needing more support throughout a day. We assist individuals in gaining employment, enjoying leisure activities or contributing to the community by volunteering with various other charitable organizations in need.